Design & Prototyping

From concept through to finished part, you are in control of all aspects of the process.

The design of a part which then needs to go through all the processes to make it to the finished part are time consuming, sometimes one step forward and two steps back!

The beauty of owning your own machine in-house, it allows you to develop and rework models to optimise the design, the other benefit is that you retain all your intellectual properties.


UK Prototyping

Once the final prototype has been produced, multiple components can be easily made to fulfil any sign off process that is needed to take the project to market.

The Neo is designed to fit through a standard door so you can have full capability in a small facility.

Need Help Choosing Your Datron?

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Case Study

“The M8 Cube has played a vital role in allowing my business to grow. The incredible surface finishes, ease of use and reduced setup times, thanks largely to the integrated vacuum workholding, make it invaluable for sheet plastic and aluminium work.”

Alex Banks