Designers can now benefit by easily making Prototypes ‘In-House’.

You don’t have to have a machining shop, the Neo fits through a standard door and can stand in the corner.

The NEXT software and Smart control enable’s all users the ability to operate the machine.

Taking control of the prototyping stage speeds up the overall pre-production process

Taking control of your prototyping

Over the decade there was a trend to send out all your prototyping to overseas companies, in the hope to get them done faster and cheaper hence reducing the need for your own capital expenditure on a machine.

The outsourcing worked well at the beginning but gradually the lead-time, quality and costs changed significantly for the worse, making it uneconomical. The trend is an increase in the amount of UK companies bringing the work back under their own control. To facilitate this the Datron machine range gives you fast setup, fast machining and required tolerances to take control back of machining.

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Case Study

“Fathomtree’s relationship with Datron has a been a long and fruitful one. About 7 years ago, after much research, we invested in a single M8 (non Cube). This greatly improved, not only our production speed, but also our overall capabilities – it really opened up new manufacturing avenues for us. So much so that, over the years, we have expanded our production facility to now include 8 Datrons (a mixture of M8 Cube, ML Cube and M10 Pro). Each time the machines just get better and better and we are able to throw more and more work at them.”

David J Smith – Production Director at Fathomtree Ltd.