The machine requires 16amp 3Phase Neutral & Earth, With air requirement of 300cfm with a 7.5bar minimum.

Please create a DIAG or ABC File and send it to

General machine housekeeping, cleaning the machine down and swarf management is always good practice.

The actual service takes 1 day, the machine location denotes the overall travel time.

The service department will contact you 1 month prior to your installation date to arrange your annual service.

Who do I contact with regards to the service of my ancillary equipment? Vacuum Pump, Spindle Chiller The contact information is usually on the product itself, but please call service to discuss is if you cannot find it.

The machines running a single shift operation require an annual service, multiple shift operation should be serviced more frequently.

There are a variety of functions on the handbox, such a two knobs that are used to override the traverse speed of the machine, it gives the user a degree of ‘manual control’.

The vacuum workholding technology has been developed over the years to give optimise performance. The vacuum tables use a sacrificial ‘VacuCard’ which the parts are placed on, the parts can then be milled and any through cuts will cut into the card and leave the table intact.

The vacuum clamping is widely used for workholding and saves time and cost making conventional fixtures.

At Datron, we offer a superior thread milling process that is seamlessly integrated into our Next control system. With our innovative manual thread milling functions and the ability to create custom toolpaths on your CAM, you can easily create a wide range of threads using our precision thread milling tools.

Our advanced technology and premium tools enable us to produce threads with exceptional accuracy and speed, delivering outstanding results for our customers.

Balanced tools greatly reduce vibration, this has multiple benefits. Firstly, reduced vibration allows for faster spindle speeds, leading to faster material removal and cutting process time whilst improving surface finish. Secondly, balanced cutters reduce tool wear, and wear on the spindle.